April 04, 2021

Premium Amenities That Will Upgrade Your Condo Life

Location, location, location — this is the primary reason why many people choose to live in a condominium. In Metro Manila cities, you’ll find condo buildings located near offices, schools, and hospitals, providing residents the perk of 24/7 accessibility.


As condo developments continue to modernize, developers are aiming to take condo living to the next level. We already know that residing in a condo offers 100% mobility. So now, vertical developments are focusing on amenities, amenities, amenities. After all, many condo dwellers rely on these to improve their overall well-being and do the activities they love. For a better, more luxurious condo lifestyle in the city, here are the premium amenities you should look out for:


Clubhouse With a Mini-Bar


After a hard day’s work, you’ll surely find it relaxing to stay in a spacious clubhouse and have a few drinks. This amenity space is a favorite condo feature in developments like Kasara Urban Resort Residences. Here, you can also mingle with other residents or simply take in the scenic views while enjoying your drink. Some condominiums allow residents to use the clubhouse for gatherings, so this could also be a nice place to hold a small, casual party.


Sports Complex


For some, upgrading their condo life means taking better care of their health. In this case, a condo with its own sports complex would be appealing. In this complex, you’ll have access to an indoor golfing area, a boxing gym, a shooting range, and a bowling alley, to name a few. This kind of amenity space is also undeniably perfect for sports fans. 


Themed Pool Area 


With a themed pool area, you won’t just be swimming a few laps during the hot days. For instance, in Kasara Urban Resort Residences, it’s possible to spend a few hours every day in its lake-inspired pool. The waterfalls, spring fountains, river rocks, and koi ponds come together to create a resort-style pool area. Landscaped greens and full-grown trees surround the pool, allowing for a relaxed, breezy atmosphere. 




Getting spa treatments is a wonderful way to pamper yourself after a long work week. You no longer have to take a long trip to the spa because many condominiums today have this kind of facility. These spas are sometimes accompanied by health and wellness clinics. So aside from de-stressing, you can avail of other health-focused services, such as chiropractic or acupuncture.


Sky Lounge 


A sky lounge is where you can appreciate simple yet meaningful things, such as the majestic views of the sunrise or sunset. Admire the cityscape while on the rooftop and be inspired to work harder the next day. With a spacious sky lounge, you can also enjoy al-fresco dining with loved ones or host outdoor conferences and other events.


Game Room


The game room is where you can have a more laid-back time with family and friends. Here, kids will have fun playing video games or board games, while adults can use the billiard pool for a friendly competition. Condo developments with a game room, such as Kasara Urban Resort Residences, typically have interactive activities that suit all ages.


All these premium amenities are sure to make your condo life even more satisfying. Consider them when you’re on the lookout for a new condo to call home.

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