March 03, 2021

Green Living in the City: Steps to Embrace an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Persistent environmental issues like air pollution, climate change, and deforestation have convinced more people to switch to a greener lifestyle. Living in an eco-friendly way has also shown positive benefits to people’s physical and mental health, so more residential developments in the cities incorporate “green elements” into their communities.

Kasara Urban Resort Residences in Pasig City is one example of a condo community that inspires city dwellers to live a more sustainable life. The community remains iconic with its nature-inspired amenity area that looks like a suburban resort. Although this part of the condo acts as a source of relaxation, many residents see it as a reminder of nature’s healing nature. It’s a precious gift that must be protected, and to do just that, here are some things you can do:  

Use Energy-Efficient Home Appliances 

Reducing the energy you use inside your home is one way to prevent greenhouse gas emissions and other toxic fumes from damaging the environment. Using energy-efficient devices leads to less power consumption and the preservation of natural resources. At the same time, you’ll be doing your pockets a favor because such appliances can lower your energy bills at home.    

Commit to Being More Active 

Walking, biking, and going carless are among the many activities you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. This is possible if you live in a residential community like Kasara Urban Resort Residences, which promotes walkability. Residents here live close to key establishments, so they can choose to walk towards their destination. Walking and biking are also a form of exercise. So again, while doing these activities, you and the environment will reap great benefits.

Cut Down on Plastic Use

The excessive use of plastics, particularly single-use plastics, has a huge negative impact on marine resources, contributing to the contamination of seafood consumed by humans. Using fewer plastics or ditching them entirely can help make natural habitats less disrupted and polluted. Plastics don’t just end up in the seas; they’re everywhere. If you can’t completely drop the use of plastics, learning how to reuse and recycle them properly would be helpful.

In Pasig City, where Kasara Urban Resort Residences is located, there’s a city ordinance that bans the use of any form of plastic on dry goods. Other cities in Metro Manila, like Makati, Pasay, and Muntinlupa, have similar ordinances, showing just how important it is to lessen plastic waste. 

Join Environmental Groups

Joining environmental organizations will widen your awareness and knowledge of other eco-related issues that need attention. It’s also a nice way to meet like-minded individuals who can help you do more — plant trees, launch eco-related campaigns, and start beach cleanups — to help protect Mother Nature. 

There are numerous ways to show your care and support for the environment. The steps above are the most basic things you can do to get started living an eco-friendly lifestyle. From there, you can learn more and find new people to help you on your journey to keeping the planet healthy and green.


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