March 03, 2021

Inspiring Condo Designs for a Home with All-Year-Round Summer Vibes

A condo unit may offer limited living space, but there’s no limit to what you can do to increase its visual appeal. For those days when you cannot venture to far-off places, allow your condo unit to be a piece of paradise with its refreshing interior design.

Living in a resort-themed condominium like Kasara Urban Resort Residences may also encourage you to turn your private space into a cozy oasis. These themed condominiums go big when it comes to their amenity areas, providing you with refreshing scenes of nature and invigorating water features like expansive pools, spring fountains, and waterfalls. As such, it makes sense to have a charming condo unit that matches this kind of environment.

Go on an endless relaxation mode by applying one of these chic and classy condo designs. 

Scandinavian with a Tropical Twist 

Going Scandinavian is all about making the unit homey with natural light and comforting with functional pieces. The airy feel can be achieved using neutral colors with a hint of earth tones from natural materials like wood and leather. To keep your interior clutter-free, use decorative pieces that are also functional. Think light gray sofas and wooden tables and chairs.

Tropical-Scandinavian design goes full effect once you infuse nature-inspired pieces, such as wall prints and house plants. Adding neutral pinks and soft icy blues to the interior can also liven up the unit.

Minimalist Balinese Interior

Take inspiration from Kasara Urban Resort Residences’ lake-inspired amenity area, where earth tones are married to wild greenery. As for your unit, you can start by merging wooden pieces with soft wools and leafy plants. Using woven homewares and raw ceramics will also bring an island feel right inside your home.

Balinese interior is grounded in earthy elements, so you can play with colors like brown, grey, green, and white. Accents of timber or gold will make your space vibrant.

Dreamy Santorini

As one of the most-loved summer destinations in the world, you can’t go wrong in designing your unit after the Greek island of Santorini. Having an all-white interior splashed with cool blue tones is a great way to start creating your own “Little Santorini.” 

A wooden coffee table will add warmth to your space, while a stunning piece of ocean art hanging over the sofa brings a tranquil scene. The most important part is to keep it simple. Use multi-functional accent pieces and small decorative items. Avoid the “too nautical” look by ditching blue and white stripes.

South Beach Style

If living in a resort-style condominium like Kasara Urban Resort Residences, know that the vacation feel won’t cease even after leaving the amenity area. This is true if you have a unit that’s designed after the striking South Beach of Miami, Florida. 

With this interior concept, you can make whitewashed walls interesting by adding shades of blue. If these cool tones are already available outside your window, using bold colors for your unit can make a nice contrast. After all, South Beach is packed with vivid colors, from reds and whites of the lifeguard stands to the deep yellows and pinks of surrounding art deco buildings.

With these interior condo designs, you can live every day like you’re on vacation. Take your pick and transform your space into your very own idea of paradise.

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