March 03, 2021

Resort-Style Living in the City is Possible, Here's How

Picture yourself lounging in your favorite beach resort, enjoying the calm waters, and noticing the faint sound of trees swayed by the breezy atmosphere. You can live exactly like that in the middle of a bustling city in Metro Manila.

The emergence of condominium projects in the metropolis is the mark of urbanites’ changing residential needs. The fact that numerous people are now interested in the condo lifestyle fuels the arrival of new breeds of condominium towers. These include themed condo developments, such as Kasara Urban Resort Residences in Pasig City, offering a lavish residential experience. They’re more than just places to sleep; they’re communities that provide a grand vacation every day.

The Growth of Theme-Based Homes

Besides location and space-efficient units, home-seekers are now paying attention to the architectural designs when finding a new home. Typical condominiums follow a theme on the design level, which commonly features Spanish, Mediterranean, and Italian themes. Discerning investors, however, are looking for far more elegant and elaborate projects, paving the way for resort-themed condominiums like Kasara Urban Resort Residences. Other emerging themes in condo developments are inspired by international destinations, sports, and arts.

The Role that Amenities Play in Resort-Style Living

Resort-inspired condos are among the most sought-after projects in urban areas because of their capacity to bring nature into the city. For instance, Kasara Urban Resort Residences is equipped with expansive pools surrounded by stunning water features and landscaped greens. Living in this kind of community gives you the same level of satisfaction you could get by visiting the beach, minus the long drive.

A Refreshing Take on Luxury Living

The increasing number of resort-inspired developments can also be seen as a response to the demand for a luxurious lifestyle with a touch of modern convenience. After all, part of the wealthy lifestyle is to go on vacation mode whenever you want. Kasara Urban Resort Residences remains one of the leading condo developments when it comes to offering a lush vacation to its residents any time of the day. The development dedicates over 60% of its open space to spring fountains, koi ponds, and river rocks, creating a lake-inspired pool area. The deep earth tones complement the cool hues, reminiscent of a paradise-like resort away from the city.

Beyond the amenities, luxury living at Kasara Urban Resort Residences is also showcased through its efficiently-cut units. Penthouse bi-level units are available for the ultimate resort lifestyle, providing ample space for private relaxation.

Resort-Style Living Meets a Green Community

In a resort-inspired community, you’ll be surprised that it’s not all about lounging and basking under the sun. Such a development is also equipped with other functional amenities, such as scenic jogging trails, a fitness center, and multi-purpose courts, encouraging residents to unplug and engage in healthy activities. Modern and innovative residential developments are also designed to become a walkable community. Inside, you have plenty of vast spaces for leisurely walks. Outside, key establishments are just a few steps away, allowing for destination walking and less use of cars for a greener lifestyle. 

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